Zvartnots International Airport. Yerevan 

Up to 3 people 12 $.

Group up to 6 people 30 $

To reach the hostel or the hotel in a foreign city is really difficult. That’s an
additional trouble for tourists, a businessman or those people who are travelling
alone or in groups. That’s why touristic or some other companies are offering
shuttles to their clients. Shuttles are known as a group of different services such as
personal transport which picks up guests from airport or station to the hotel or
hostel; or just meeting guests. The airport shuttle in Yerevan is a very popular
service as long as travelers usually don’t want to think about details of movement
around the capital.
Booking shuttle prevents you from the local taxi-drivers who usually offering to
foreigners super expensive cost of the ride. These kinds of cases are happening
even nowadays. That’s why we are offering our comfortable vehicles.
With us you will reach the hotel in 20 minutes!
Tell us the details and time of your arrival and out driver will pick you up in the
airport and take you to the hotel. We are meeting out guests with a personal poster
where is mentioned a Name and Surname of a costumer.

The price is calibrated It is necessary to agree in advance depends on the number of guests.

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